I’ve put some of my projects up on my Github profile.  Below is a short summary of the most important ones.


A Chrome extension that adds some settings to make Asana less noisy. It has features like muting the inbox and removing upsells to a more expensive plan.


A Chrome extension that makes it very easy to switch between production and development environments via keyboard shortcuts. I built this for my job at Springest, where we use a lot of custom domains. This extension makes it easy to switch back and forth to compare results or when debugging issues.


A Chrome extension to duplicate tabs with keyboard shortcuts. Chrome has the duplication feature built-in, but there’s no way to bind a keyboard shortcut to it. The main benefit of duplicating tabs is that it persists the history of that tab to the new tab.


A chrome extension that allows you to rearrange tabs with keyboard shortcuts.

font-awesome-balsamiq (unmaintained)

A set of Font Awesome icons to be used with Balsamiq, an application to create mockups, when there wasn’t real good support for external icon libraries. It basically ties together a script to generate images from a font to generate them in the right size for Balsamiq.

alfredo (unmaintained)

A wrapper library to generate Alfred workflows. Quite a pain to set up back when system Ruby in Mac OS was really old.