Hi! 👋 I'm Dennis Paagman, an independent developer who loves building great products. I have been building, testing, and deploying Ruby on Rails apps for over 10 years.

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Dennis Paagman

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I’m a self-taught developer that works with Ruby on Rails since 2009, when I picked up the ‘Agile Web Development with Rails’ book for Rails 2.1, and haven’t looked back since. I love the beauty of the Ruby language and the power tools Rails give me.

In recent years I’ve worked with both React and Vue for frontend heavy projects for and started to love TypeScript. For 2022 I’m excited about the developments on the Hotwire front.

🖥 Services

You can hire me to speed up your team, help you create a MVP of your latest idea or for the occasional work that does not require a full development team. I have lots of experience across the full stack: from Rails on the backend to Stimulus and Turbo on the frontend. For even heavier frontends I’ve worked with with Vue and React as well. This helps me get up to speed very fast and start delivering value as soon as possible.

I write clean, tested code. I have a strong Product focused background, having worked in Product related roles for years as well. I focus on delivering impact and a great user experience. I enjoying working both in existing, structured teams or as a single developer together with non-technical people.

👍 Recommendations

I've worked with Dennis as one of Springest's lead developers and product owners for nearly 10 years... It was a sad day when he chose to follow his dreams outside of Springest. But of course we're mostly grateful and part ways as friends. I'd hire him in any product / technical / development role any time I'd get the chance again. He was always able to talk strategy at a high level with people on the business side, and at the same time lead complex development projects together with (other) developers.

Ruben Timmerman — Founder of Springest

🚀 My own products


AltijdVoicemail is an app that provides business phone numbers that go straight to voicemail and send you the recordings and transcripts.


Sifterbot is a tool to build your own notification center on Telegram. Use the power of webhooks to customize and control notications from all your apps.


TourBrain is an app for groups of artists and performers to schedule and manage their shows. I spun it out of the tool I built for Rave van Fortuin.

🏢 Business entity

My business is registered under the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under the name High Tech Digital Services B.V. with number 82087067.

👋 Contact

If you want to contact me, please email me at dennis@paagman.dev.