I offer a variety of services based on many years of experience. I focus on the modern Ruby on Rails stack with Turbo and Stimulus on the frontend.

I love to write clean, well tested code. I have a strong Product focused background, having worked in Product related roles for years as well. That allows me to focus on delivering a good trade off between business needs, user experience and (long term) code maintainability.

I enjoying working both in existing teams or as a single developer together with non-technical people.

🌟 Fractional Ruby on Rails CTO

Wether your company is starting out or growing, you might need a CTO, but not full time yet. Or you're in a transition period and haven't be able to hire the right person yet. Based on your needs I can help you out with things like:

  • Scoping the roadmap for your product.
  • Technical advice on product decisions.
  • Product advice on technical decisions.
  • Helping out with hiring.
  • Setting up a modern development process.
  • High level technical architecture.
  • Security, performance and reliability.
  • Vendor and dependency selection and management.
  • Prototyping new ideas.
  • Guiding your team on modern Rails best practices.

Fractional CTO roles are usually very situational, i'm sure we can figure out a way to work with your unique needs and set up your company for success.

🏃‍♂️💨 Short term

If you're in need of getting just a specific job done I'm also available for short term projects, for example:

  • Building a specific feature or API integration.
  • Fixing performance or reliability issues.
  • Setting up Continuous Integration and Deployment pipelines.
  • Setting up a new project from scratch based on modern Rails best practices.
  • Reviewing the quality of a code base.
  • Due dilligence of applications.
  • Upgrading Ruby and Rails versions.

🚵 Long term

Occasionally I'm also available for longer term projects, where I can become an more integral part of your team. For example:

  • Helping out with a project that is behind schedule.
  • Coaching and mentoring your team on modern Rails best practices.
  • Building a new product from scratch.
  • Improving the quality of your code base.
  • Or simply helping out with the day to day development.

👍 Recommendations

I've worked with Dennis as one of Springest's lead developers and product owners for nearly 10 years... It was a sad day when he chose to follow his dreams outside of Springest. But of course we're mostly grateful and part ways as friends. I'd hire him in any product / technical / development role any time I'd get the chance again. He was always able to talk strategy at a high level with people on the business side, and at the same time lead complex development projects together with (other) developers.
Ruben Timmerman — Founder of Springest

👋 Get in touch

If you want to get in touch, please email me at dennis@paagman.dev.